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The contest where people vote for their favorite real estate agents in their community.

Every agent in America can join this contest, agents don’t have to be social media influencers to be part of the contest.

PropertySpark doesn’t rank agents on this content; it is all about the people’s choice.

To get votes you have to share the link on your website, social media and/or with your email list so people can see it and vote for you, you can share as many times as you want, your friends can share it too so that it gets more reach. 

You can find the share buttons on the top of the page just below of the description. 

We will publish the results on our Instagram, so if you don’t follow us yet go and give us a follow at @PropertySpark


The top winners will be awarded a press release from PropertySpark, a mention on our Instagram with an individual post including their photo and the honor of saying they are Florida’s favorite agent for an entire year!

To Join The Contest:

  1. You can join the contest as a favorite agent of your State in the text box on the bottom of the page.
  2. Fill out the application with your information and upload a photo of yourself.
  3. You will appear as a candidate automatically.
  4. Share the link so you can get votes.

To Vote: 

  1. Click on the agent you want to vote.
  2. Mark Favorite (Just click on the the star icon)
  3. And you’re done! Your vote is registered.
  4. You can only give one vote for an agent.