How does PropertySpark and Facebook work?

Facebook is the social media that PropertySpark uses to help you advertise your listings or promotions. Like any other advertising service, Facebook charges you money to advertise. It works like an auction, so while you can set a budget of $5/day, you will be competing with every other business advertising on Facebook as well. This is where PropertySpark comes in to help.

PropertySpark optimizes your ad by helping you target home buyers and sellers, so your ads are more effective. Over time, we also learn from best practices in the industry and recommend you ad templates and styles that you can use to target the relevant market you are in.

PropertySpark connects your Facebook business page with your account so you can create your ads right from the PropertySpark platform to get the best results.

What fees do you charge to help with advertising on Facebook?

PropertySpark does not charge any fees. Facebook charges you for the advertising campaigns and promotions you run through our platform. You are in control of your ad spend and can set a daily or lifetime budget for the ads you want to run. Example: You have a new ‘Just Listed’ property and want to run an ad for a week. You can choose to set a daily budget of $10/day or a lifetime budget of $70 (for the week), and all that money goes to Facebook to run your ad.

How does PropertySpark help grow my brand?

We accomplish this by first connecting your Facebook Business Page with your PropertySpark account, and posting automated blogs on your business page. This helps you save time, and draw your audience to real estate specific content. The objective is to show activity on your page.

To help you grow your Sphere of Influence and Personal Brand on Facebook, we design and curate a collection of high-performing and engaging graphics and text for Giveaway Ads that have been tested to perform. All you do need to do is allocate $50-$100 each month on a high-performing giveaway campaign through PropertySpark. With $50-$100, your ad will reach between 2000-5000 people and engage many of them with comments and likes, all in the location of your choice. We’ve spent hours designing and testing the EXACT ad graphic, text, and prize you will use to generate the most amount of buzz at the lowest cost.

So WHY are giveaways awesome to do on a monthly basis?

You are getting your name in front of thousands of people on social media (for a very low cost) and in a positive way! The best indicator of social media success is how much “engagement” you are able to receive. That could be Likes, Comments, or Shares on your posts. In the long-run, this person-to-person engagement will solidify your business as the one of choice should any of these people need real estate help!

As you build more engagement with your Facebook Page, it starts to snowball. You’ll notice that many people will return to interact with your future posts and begin to develop a personal relationship with you and your brand. Once someone has “Liked” your Facebook Page after entering your giveaway, they will continuously absorb all of your future social media content. So you are nurturing these people into your network with the idea that they will eventually come to you for business!

People love free stuff! And people really appreciate the business or individual who is providing this free stuff. Other agents might post their listings or share articles about real estate. You set yourself apart while also providing generous and fun opportunities to those who engage with your contest. Which agent would you rather be?

Using a Chatbot system for your Facebook page like the one within PropertySpark, you can automatically send a message to EVERY person who comments on your post! This is how you are able to quickly get in touch with all of those potential new prospects who comment on your Giveaway.

What kind of support do you provide once I sign-up?

We provide 24/7 support through phone, chat, and emails. Our response time averages under 30 min, so you can expect to hear from us within the same day, even on weekends!

Once you sign-up, we take you through a complete onboarding of the platform. This includes videos, articles, and a short webinar on the value you can gain from social media. We make your learning a very simple process.

In addition, we invite you to join our private Facebook group (for PropertySpark customers only). This group provides an active community to learn from daily dose of helpful content, best practices, and tips and tricks to help you succeed on social media. All we ask is that you be respectful of other members in the group.

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What platform features can I use during my 14 Day Free Trial?

You can use all of the features of the PropertySpark platform during your 14 Day Free Trial. These are the same features any paid customer can use, and they include:

📩  A Real Estate Social Media CRM
🎯  Re-targeted Property & Brand Ads
🤖  A Real Estate Chatbot
📃  Automated Social Media Content

What if I decide to cancel? How can I do that?

It is very easy to cancel from within the platform in the Settings page. Simply click on ‘Payment and Plan’, and then click on ‘cancel my subscription’.

Of course, we will be sad to see you go. So, if you feel we are missing something, feel free to reach out and let us know. We have weekly meetings with our engineering team to discuss customer feedback and suggestions for new features to be added to our platform. After all, we are here to provide you value in the first place!

What if I don’t have a Facebook business page? Can I still use PropertySpark?

Facebook’s algorithm does not support running business activities from your personal Facebook profile. Hence, we only connect your Facebook business page to our platform. Don’t worry if you don’t have one. We can help you create a Facebook business page in under 15 minutes.

How can I advertise listings through PropertySpark?

First you add a property on the platform. Check link below to learn how:
Add a Property on PropertySpark

Then, you can create a campaign for Facebook. Check link below to learn how:
Create a Property campaign for Facebook

How can I advertise on PropertySpark to generate leads on social media if I do not have a listing?

We provide in-built templates and help you create amazing promotion ads for any occasion you wish. From simply advertising your real estate services to contest ads and giveaways, we help you with all your lead generation efforts on social media.

Check out these links below to learn more:
Create a Promotion using PropertySpark
Create a Campaign for your Promotion