Mastering the Real Estate Game: Lessons from Indianapolis’ Realtors

“Realtors are the gatekeepers of the community!” – Trent Williamson. The Indianapolis real estate market is a thriving one, but any investor will know that there is an important factor aside from market conditions which can help maximize profit: having a good quality Realtor on your side. Realtors who do well in Indianapolis have one thing in common – they understand how to best show off each individual property. For this purpose, retailers often use high-quality photography and appealing descriptions. Furthermore, experienced real estate agents understand market trends and hold powerful connections throughout the industry; enabling them greater opportunity to negotiate or obtain desirable listings for clients quickly and efficiently without compromising results.

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Indianapolis Real Estate Trends

The Indianapolis housing market is one of the most competitive in the country. As of July this year, the median sale price of a home in Indianapolis was $248K – down 0.3% since last year according to Redfin’s real estate market trends. The average sale per square foot has gone up 3.7%, making investing in real estate more attractive to current and future property owners of the Indianapolis area alike. Though prices have grown slightly since last year, they remain below pre-recession levels still; however homes are selling faster than ever with buyers being able to close deals within 8 days compared to last year when houses were sold after 6 days on the market on average. About 78% of these sales took place within the central Indianapolis metropolitan area specifically, indicating people prefer living near cities rather than outlying rural areas.

Indianapolis’ Popular Real Estate Agents and Qualities to Look Out for

Kristie Smith has been active in the field for 21 years now and has overseen 54 sales within the last 12 months alone, according to With a specialty ranging from buyer’s to listing agent or even relocation counseling, Kristie brings an evidence-based approach focused on constantly improving systems, communication and consultation with her trusted technology tools. On the other hand, experts highlight that Craig DeBoor has over nine years under his belt which he puts to use by selling more homes than expected – averaging at 55% higher returns for sellers while negotiating deals 6% lower than usual for buyers. In total, he sold over 121 properties just within a 12 month time frame proving that there isn’t another agent like him when it comes to securing success both quickly and efficiently through high value properties.

When it comes to buying or selling a house, prospective buyers and sellers should be on the lookout for reputable real estate retailers and property management services. Listwithclever states that as one of the largest cities in the Midwest, finding top-notch professionals can feel overwhelming due to the competition that IA has to offer with over 1,760 active agents. For buyers, look for those who rent their properties consistently while offering discounts compared to list prices and positive reviews from customers. Meanwhile, if you’ve decided to sell a house or become a landlord by renting out your own property then it would be beneficial to hire a professional property management company. A great rental agency will take care of all aspects such as market analysis and promotion of the space itself along with collecting rent and reviewing financial reports – so all you have left is just waiting for tenants.

Not only does this save owners plenty of time but also ensures any disputes regarding regulations or tenant rights go directly through them rather than getting bogged down into complex legal matters.

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