For the 80% of agents doing LESS than 30 deals a year, FB lead-gen ad systems are a BIG waste of money and time.

It takes ALOT of expertise, testing time, and budget to set up and run (or pay someone else to run) home evaluation, home search FB ads, etc. LET the top producers fight for those leads (they are cold anyway). For the 80% of agents who have to figure it out with a smaller budget, HIT YOUR SPHERE, and HIT THEM CONSISTENTLY.

Focus on advertising brand-building, personable, and professional content, right to your Sphere (by targeting specific ZIP codes, people who’ve liked your page, and friends of people who’ve liked your page) you will dramatically strengthen your presence and credibility in the eyes of your Sphere.

Think about this for a minute. You’re taught to consistently have touchpoints with your Sphere so that you stay top of mind when someone in your network is ready to buy or sell. As a smaller producing agent, maintaining a consistent relationship with your Sphere is by the far the most cost-effective way to maintain a steady flow of deals throughout the year. So the next question is how best to make these positive touchpoints happen for the lowest time and money invested? That is where the right type of brand-building Facebook Ads will trump other marketing forms.

While mailers and cards have been the norm for decades, IS IT the most cost-effective way to market your brand today? If it costs you $200 to send out 200 mailers to a specific ZIP, how many people are picking up the flyers these days? The stats show less than 10%. So you’re paying $200 for 20 people to look at the flyer. Now, what could you achieve if you put that $200 into a Facebook Ad video of you celebrating a client’s new home purchase? Or you at an open house, talking about your day? Whatever the personable content may be, with a $200 FB ad budget, that video will reach almost 15,000 people. And with the right targeting, you can hit EVERYONE in your Sphere.

Let the top producing agents spend THOUSANDS of dollars a month to run lead gen ads on Facebook. The reality is they won’t be able to steal any of the potential clients in your Sphere because you’ve consistently been able to show your personality and professionalism through brand-building Facebook ads, at an extremely low cost. Think about who you would choose if you were the client… The agent whose face you see smiling, and closing deals on Facebook, celebrating wins with their clients, or the agent who’s had a virtual assistant give you a home evaluation and you’ve had no prior relationship with. Focus on building relationships at scale through Facebook. Focus on building your brand. $200 for 15,000 people in your area to see YOU, is the right way for smaller budget agents to advertise on Facebook. If you connect with your Sphere this way regularly, you’ll start seeing them reach out to you for your services when their time comes. 😉

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